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Project cars are not just hot rods or muscle cars needing built. They are all types of vehicles that someone wants to rebuild either for investment purposes, or just as a hobby, or both!

Old project car, muscle car, classic car, and antique car restoration is the main focus of this site.

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We attempt in every way possible to provide both buyers and sellers with a place to sell and find those project cars . Our years of experience in the auto industry gives us the necessary insight to provide you with numerous contacts and services to help you AFTER that special project car has been found. While after three years of growing, not all information is posted yet. Don't hesitate to contact us for any of your needs. Networking is the key to finding it!

While some believe "project cars" is a relative term, they are correct. The term has been assigned to many different types of cars in many stages of condition. A project car could be one that is being restored to original condition. It could also mean to others that it is simply a car that is being worked on. Or, it could be a car lying in a bone yard just waiting to be revived! Whatever the relativity of the term, you will probably find one in our classified pages, or, you may find services relative to YOUR project car. Restoring an old project car to a new one is what we're all about!

There are many huge shops around the country that offer restoration and customization services. We are also aware that there are hundreds of smaller shops that have a special niche and are just as talented as the "big boys". We strive to find all the shops and offer them to you for an opportunity to find the services that best fit your needs. There are chassis restoration and fabrication; body restore, repair, and fabrication; shops that specialize in engines and possibly specialized in Chevy, Ford, Olds, Pontiac, Mopar, and many others. Our goal is to network with these resources and bring them to you. Many of you are trying to fulfill a dream, and we are trying to help you reach it!

We are looking for shops to list! Click here to contact us!

Feel free to browse our classifieds! Should you want to list your project car, you may do so affordably! The price is only a one time minimal charge, and your project car will stay on until sold! We hope you enjoy!

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